Welcome to LineagePro.com

LineagePro.com is a Breeding Management Application that will make your life easier as a breeder.

Right now, LineagePro.com is offering a free pilot program. You can add your records and use the software for free. This gives you access to all of the features LineagePro.com offers.

  • Safe and Secure

    Your breeding data is backed up and secure on our servers. It is backed up daily and copied off site to a secure location. Also personal information is encrypted for your protection.

  • Accessible Everywhere

    Lineagepro.com works well in any browser including mobile devices. Try Lineagepro.com on your iPhone, Android, Mac or PC.

  • Easy to Use

    We have concentrated on making it easy for you to do complicated things with Lineagepro.com.

  • Powerful Features

    Beautiful Pedigrees, Wrights Inbreeding Analysis, Importing of Records, Quick intuitive searches are just a few of the features included.

  • Free Advertising

    Your business information gets listed for free on our breeder listing page. Just set it in your preferences and your business is listed.

  • USDA Paperwork

    Save time on filling out USDA Record of Acquisition, Disposition or Transport of Animals. Lineagepro.com automatically pulls information from your sales and populates the form for you.